Fly with a style

The Tecnam Astore is a low wing, two place, single engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear. But is not only that. The Astore is the plane for flying with a style, enjoying beauty inside and outside.

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Fuel Capacity

55 x2 lt - 14,5 x2 US Gal

Max Speed

244 km/h


Two seats side by side.

Fuel Consumption

Only 4.5 US Gal per hour, AVGAS and MOGAS Automotive Fuel


The Tecnam Astore is a low wing, two place, single engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear. The all metal airframe structure is complemented by the selective use of an epoxy reinforced matrix of carbon/glass fiber for the upper radome and fairings. The main landing gear consists of two 7075T6 light alloy springs which are hinged inside the fuselage in order to maximize the wheel deflection and energy absorption efficiency. These springs are supported by robust machined components which spread the load directly onto the main bulkheads. Two rawhide liners are inserted between each springleaf and the external machined beam. Two bolts secure the individual springleaf to the edge of the beam via a light alloy clamp while a single bolt secures the inboard end of the leafspring to the hinge and inner machined beam. The nose gear is free castering and is supported by an oleo-pneumatic shock absorber connected directly to the firewall. Differential toe brakes for steering are standard for both pilot and copilot with redundant brake master cylinders (4 in total). The horizontal tail is made up of a stabilizer and elevator with tip balancing horns. All the control surfaces, except for the flaps and trim tab, are balanced, and all the surfaces, except for the rudder and fuselage aileron line, are controlled via pushpull rods.

Interiors Details

The Cabin offers newly designed seats and seat rails which are easily operated and adjustable fore and aft via a single handle with a reinforced area between the rails to make cabin access even easier. A roomy baggage compartment accommodates voluminous items with both external and internal access. A strong automotive type seal is used on the baggage door and a courtesy lamp illuminates when opened. A wide cockpit panel provides plenty of room for glass panel avionics. A comfortable armrest and USB charger round out the luxurious interior. An iPad Mini is included along with the 'Tecnam Astore Owner app' providing instant acess to the Flight Manual, weight and balance information and more. Everything about the Tecnam Astore is designed to allow you and your passenger to experience the most outstanding style, comfort, and beauty of flight.. Enjoy the Astore!


Astore Standard 100 HP


Option 1 – Astore Six pack


Flight Instruments And Indicators
Attitude, Electric
Directional, Electric
Turn & Bank
Engine Analogue Instruments
Hour Recorder
Oil Press
Oil Temp.
Head Temp.
Fuel Press.
Lh + Rh Fuel Qty

Avionics Package
Garmin Gma 240 Audio Panel
Garmin Gtr 200 Com
Garmin Gtx 327 Transponder
Garmin 796 Gps Xm Version
Stick Push-To-Talk Switch-Pilot/Copilot
Mic & Phone Jacks-Pilot/Copilot
– Transponder
– Vhf
– Gps

Option 2 – DYNON SV1000


Dynon Sky View Sv1000 Two Screens Avionics Pack For Rotax 912 Uls2 & Is
Skyview Sv 1000 10" 2 Screen Display (Includes Main Wiring Harness)
Sv-Ems-221/A Engine Monitoring Module For Rotax 912

Avionics Package
Dynon Sv-Intercom-2S
Dynon Sv-Com-C25 Com (25 Khz)
Dynon Sv-Xpndr-261 Transponder
Stick Push-To-Talk Switch-Pilot/Copilot
Mic & Phone Jacks-Pilot/Copilot
– Transponder
– Vhf
– Gps

Option 3 - GARMIN G3X

Garmin G3X two screens Avionics Package for Rotax 912 ULS2
Two Display Gdu 370/375 With Eis
Adahrs Gsu 25
Adahrs Gsu 25 2Nd Adhars
Gea 24 Engine Instrument Module
Gmu 22 Magnetometer
Ga55 Xm Antenna
Gtp 59 Temperature Probe
Lru Kit
Installation Kit
G3X Sensor Kit

Gsu Configuration
Amps (Ammeter Shunt Or Hall Effect)
Monitor Cht
Aircraft Bus Voltages
Oil Temperature
Oil Pressure
Manifold Pressure
Fuel Pressure
Trim Indicator

Avionics Package
Garmin Gma 240 Audiopanel
Garmin Gtr 200 Com
Gtx 23 Transponder Mode S Remote Mounted
Stick Push-To-Talk Switch-Pilot/Copilot
Mic & Phone Jacks-Pilot/Copilot
– Transponder
– Vhf

Standard Equipment

Flight instruments and indicators

Magnetic Compass
Airspeed Ind., Km
Vertical Speed
Bank Indicator
Pitot System
Static System

Engine instruments (Only For Rotax)

Dynon D10 Includes:
Hour Recorder
Oil Press
Oil Temp.
Head Temp.
Fuel Press.
Lh+Rh Fuel Q.ty
Stabilator Trim Position Indicator
Flap Indicator

Flight controls

Hydraulic Toe Brakes
Parking Brake
Electrical Flaps
Dual Flight Controls
Castering Nose Wheel
Engine Controls
Throttle (Single Lever)
Flight Trim Controls
Stabilator With Indicator
Fuel Control Selector With Lh/Rh Off (ANDAIR)

Panel switches


Split Starter
Avionics Master
Fuel Pump
Starter Key Acs

Electrical system

12 Volt 18A Amp ALLIANT Battery
12 Volt Alternators-20 Amp.
Rocker Switches Internally Lighted
– Master Switch
– Landing Light
– Nav Light
– Strobe Light
Circuit Breaker Panel
Landing/Taxi Led Light
Wing Tip Strobe And Position Light Led
12 Volt Socket

Fuel system

Two Integral Fuel Tanks With 110Lt\29 US Gal Total Capacity
Engine Driven Fuel Pump
Auxiliary Fuel Pump, Electric
Fuel Tank Quick Drain , Two
1 x Shut Off Valve ANDAIR


Pilot And Copilot Seats:
– Simulated Leather
– Adjustable Fore And Aft
Seat Belts 4 Points, All Seats
Wall To Wall Carpeting
Map & Storage Pockets
Radio Call Plate
Luggage Compartments
Emergency Hammer


Epoxy Corrosion Proofing, All Structure
Canopy, Lock And Key
All Windows Tinted
Main Wheels, 5,00 X 5
Nose Wheel, 5,00 X 5
Tie Down Rings

Exteriors lights

Wing Tip Light Strobe and Position Led Light
Landing/Taxi Light Led

Cabin comfort system

Windshield Defroster
Ventilator Adjustable

Powerplant and Propeller

Fire Wall Inox
Engines 1 Rotax 912Uls2 100 Hp:
– 4 Cylinders
– Liquid/Air Cooled
– Integrated Reduction Gear
Dual Ignition System
Throttle Control Central
Tubular Steel Engine Mount
Propeller Sensenich or GT, 2 Blade Fixed Pitch
Propeller Spinner
2 Air Filter
Oil Filter
Oil And Water Coolers
Fire Sleeve On Fuel And Oil Tubes
Termostatic Oil Valve

Standard Avionics Package

APPLE I-PAD Mini with Tecnam App
ELT 406 Mhz With Antenna & Remote Mounted Switch

Product Support and Documents

Manufacturers Full Two Year Limited Warranty
Pilots Operation Handbook
Maintenance Manual
Parts Catalog


Aircraft Dimensions

Fuselage Height 7.54 mt – 2.3 ft
Fuselage Length 7 mt – 23 ft
Wingspan 8.65 mt – 28.4 ft
Cabin Height (seat to cover) 0.98 mt – 3.21 ft
Cabin Width 1.15 mt – 3.8 ft
Max Seating capacity 2
Fuel tank capacity 110 lt – 29US Gal


Engine Manufacturer ROTAX 912ULS2 / 912is / 914Turbo
Engine Power 98 to 115hp
Time Before Overhaul 2,000 hrs
Propeller Sensenich 2/3 blades
Fuel Consumption
Fuel Type Mogas and Avgas

Design Weight & Loading

Maximum Take Off Weight Design Weight: 600 kg – 1320 lb
Std. Empty Weight
Useful Load
Baggage allowance 40 kg – 88 lb


Vmax 120 kt – 222 km/h
Cruise Speed 75% 118 kt – 219 km/h
Stall Speed (Flaps Down Power Off) 38 kt – 70 km/h
Pratical ceiling 15,000 ft – 4,572mt
Take off run 715 ft – 218 mt
Take off distance 1180 ft – 360 mt
Landing Run 505 ft – 154 mt
Landing Distance 990 ft – 302 mt
Rate of climb 1100 ft/min – 5.6 mt/sec
Range 750 NM
Flight Rule

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